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There's a lot of story to tell in a cruel head count. I got the confusion, the son, the team, the kick and the win in 11 words that sound nice together.


Anyone could write a headline about how this sucks, doesn't suck, etc. I'm only getting one vacuum convention story in my life. I had to do better


Sometimes you can write poetry without sacrificing a bit of truth. 


I won't go for the cheap pun. It has to work both ways. (The tickets were going for $2,000.)


This one generated discussion by the slot over whether we should run it. I argued that, by God, it was literally reptile dysfunction. It ran.


One of my favorites. Seldom has 10 minutes trying to think of a better way to say it paid off so handsomely.


I wrote all of these heads. The whole page. One after another during a few short hours before deadline.

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